5 Days to Landfall cover

5 Days to Landfall

★★★★★ “Brilliant story.” — Readers’ Favorite. 

“A nail-biting thriller … will keep you up reading late into the night.”
— Portland Book Review

“Masterfully told.” — BestThrillers.com. 

“Fascinating literary tone and intensity. Vividly realistic.”
— Tinfoot (a Top 50 Amazon Reviewer). 

“Heart-Pounding … The fast pace of the novel and the constant dangers that the characters face will keep you glued to the book.”
— Philip J. Klotzbach, hurricane expert & research scientist at Colorado State University

5 Days to Landfall cover

“THRILLING. The perfect storm of drama and suspense. One part natural disaster tale, one part crime thriller, and one part romance make for a fast-paced ride.”
— IndieReader. 

“A tense thrill ride from start to finish …  a rollicking good story.”
Self-Publishing Review

“Robert Roy Britt weaves an exciting tale of nature’s fury as it intersects with both human decency and dishonesty. This gripping account of Hurricane Harvey has a firm scientific foundation upon which is built an edifice of intrigue, betrayal, passion, evil and decency. 5 DAYS TO LANDFALL is an entertaining maelstrom of a novel.”
— David Robinson, New Jersey State Climatologist and Rutgers University Professor

“A vigorous tale in which a violent, inescapable storm terrorizes everyone, even the villains. Perspectives from multiple characters are a worthy setup for an exhilarating final act, with a relentless hurricane and a frighteningly high body count.” — Kirkus Reviews

“A page-turner … masterfully blends a fictional thriller with science and history.”
— Bestsellersworld.com

The book jacket blurb:

Amanda Cole, the nation’s top hurricane forecaster, understands nature’s biggest storms better than anyone. And this one terrifies her. New York City is completely unprepared.

The year is 1999. History has been largely forgotten. Residents dismiss the risks, and officials have no evacuation plan. Yet the storm long feared by scientists is barreling toward the city. Meanwhile, a mysterious plot is afoot to sabotage the forecast and any last-ditch efforts to evacuate.

With both her daughter and father in the hurricane’s path, Amanda must unravel the mystery while she races ahead of the fast-moving monster to save her family—and all of New York.

5 DAYS TO LANDFALL is available in paperback and ebook at Amazon.

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Some backstory:

I spent a few years writing about, among other things, the science of hurricanes for two New Jersey newspapers, the Asbury Park Press and The Star-Ledger, then launched my own science site called ExploreZone, which focused on Earth, Space and Weather. I learned a lot about hurricanes in those years, and it scared the crap out of me. The idea of writing a weather disaster into fiction fascinated me.

If this has you thinking about Hurricane Sandy, yes, it was a horrific storm. Extreme. Epic. Storm of the Century. But Sandy was not the worst the nature has to offer, and since the early 1990s, the experts have known this. Had Sandy moved as fast as the storm characterized in this book, well … you’ll have to wait and  read for yourself.

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