I’m a science writer, editor and author of four novels, including the disaster thriller 5 DAYS TO LANDFALL and the Eli Quinn mystery series. Before making stuff up, I spent a quarter-century in journalism. My science writing continues on Medium, where starting Jan. 1, 2019 I shifted gears a bit and began focusing on the human condition and ways to improve it.



“Jam-packed with thrilling fight scenes, witty banter, and well-worn characters, FIRST KILL is an excellent addition to the private detective genre with a likeable hero and a lovable sidekick.”  ★★★★★

“Quinn’s second case reads as if it were written by a master reaching the height of his craft. With its witty banter, cast of colorful secondary characters, and promising detective agency, DRONE sidles into the genre with aplomb.” ★★★★★
Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Fascinating characters, hard-edged action … Catapults the series off to a great start.”
— Bestsellersworld.com (on CLOSURE)

“A vigorous tale in which a violent, inescapable storm terrorizes everyone, even the villains. Perspectives from multiple characters are a worthy setup for an exhilarating final act, with a relentless hurricane and a frighteningly high body count.”
— Kirkus Reviews (on 5 DAYS TO LANDFALL)


I grew up working in the family sawmill, doing things that were, physically, really hard. Now I do things that are, mentally, really hard.

After journalism school, I was fortunate to work at two great American newspapers — the Asbury Park Press and The Star-Ledger, both in New Jersey — back when we still sometimes carved a letter out with an X-acto knife in the wee hours of the morning to fix a typo before the final edition went to press.

As newspapers were struggling to figure out the World Wide Web, I took a leap in 1998 and launched a science news and reference site called ExploreZone.com. In 1999 I sold it to Space.com and went to work for them as a writer, then editor. In 2004 I was the founding editor of Live Science, a sister to Space.com, and later became editor-in-chief of both sites. (Tidbit: Somewhere in there I appeared in 9 episodes of The Universe for the History Channel.)

The web sites were bought in 2009, and eventually I became chief content officer of the company, Purch, overseeing content for several science, technology and business sites, including Laptop Mag, Tom’s Guide, Tom’s Hardware and Business News Daily.

The creative urge never went away. Facts inform my fiction (I try to avoid the opposite), and in my latest writings on Medium I continue aiming to explain complex science and health stuff, concisely.

I’m on Facebook or Twitter @robertroybritt and email: rob dot britt at gmail etc. etc.