5 Days to Landfall cover

5 Days to Landfall

★★★★★ “Brilliant story.” — Readers’ Favorite.  “A nail-biting thriller … will keep you up reading late into the night.” — Portland Book Review “Masterfully told.” — BestThrillers.com.  “Fascinating literary tone and intensity. Vividly realistic.” — Tinfoot (a Top 50 Amazon Reviewer).  “Heart-Pounding … The fast pace of the novel and the constant

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First Kill cover

First Kill: An Eli Quinn Mystery

★★★★★ “Best Self-Published Books of 2016” — listed by IndieReader.  Book #3 in the Eli Quinn detective mystery series. “Britt offers a sharp, hearty narrative… Another worthy outing for the quick-witted, ever evolving private eye.” — Kirkus Reviews “An exciting thriller … full of intrigue, sex, and even some humor.” — Bestsellersworld.com

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Drone: An Eli Quinn Mystery

★★★★★ “A noir detective story with a 21st century flair.” — IndieReader.  Book #2 in the Eli Quinn detective mystery series. “Britt’s writing moves briskly with prose that Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler might have applauded. Clipped, no-nonsense dialogue, fast-paced prose and tough-guy characters recall classics such as The Maltese Falcon

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Closure: An Eli Quinn Mystery

“Fascinating characters, hard-edged action … Catapults the series off to a great start.”  — Bestsellersworld.com.  Recently on Amazon’s Top 100 Bestseller List for Hard-Boiled Crime Fiction.  Book #1 in the Eli Quinn detective mystery series. “A gritty, hard-boiled detective thriller, with a twist of self-awareness that keeps the read fresh and

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Murder Mountain: An Eli Quinn Mystery

Short prequel to the Eli Quinn detective mystery series. The story of Eli Quinn, private investigator, really starts here, before he becomes a detective. On the heels of the first two books in the series—CLOSURE & DRONE—it was time to circle back and, in this very short prequel, reveal the events that

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screaming at the storm cover

Screaming at the Storm: And Other Very Short Stories

Free! Writer’s block is a time to write something else. So while working on my Eli Quinn mystery series, I pen a short story now and then. Sometimes really short. They’re packed with pithy descriptions, terse dialogue and edgy little plots. Some of them have been published elsewhere (see below). And

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Eli Quinn Mysteries

“Quinn’s personality gives him an everyman feel that makes him easy to connect with. Unlike more intellectual literary detectives, Quinn is relatable and fun to root for.” — Foreword Clarion Reviews (on Drone) Eli Quinn is a bit of a wise-ass, a former reporter plenty tough enough for his new job as a

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How to Review a Book on Amazon

Book reviews help sell books, encouraging authors to keep writing. So if you like a book, it’s a tremendous gesture to give it a quick review — it takes only a few minutes. Here are simple, step-by-step instructions (it’s really, really easy).

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