Closure: An Eli Quinn Mystery

“Fascinating characters, hard-edged action … Catapults the series off to a great start.” 

Recently on Amazon’s Top 100 Bestseller List for Hard-Boiled Crime Fiction. 

Book #1 in the Eli Quinn detective mystery series.


“A gritty, hard-boiled detective thriller, with a twist of self-awareness that keeps the read fresh and engaging. The story keeps you on your toes through a murder case that proves to be less than typical. Eli Quinn begins his saga as a private investigator with a bang … Quinn is truly a classic protagonist in the making.”

Self-Publishing Review

“Quinn’s narrative often sports the hardened cynicism of a seasoned veteran … Solo nearly steals the story; he can intimidate with a single bark and a follow-up growl.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“Fascinating plot.”
“Great characters.”
“A great read.”
— Amazon Readers

The book jacket blurb for CLOSURE:

A shocking murder in the normally quiet town of Pleasant, Arizona has the sheriff stumped. Investigative reporter Eli Quinn takes the case, his first as a fledgling private detective, as a way to work through the grief of his wife’s murder.

The senseless killing offers few clues beyond a pool of blood. Quinn leans on his friends, the brilliant reporter Samantha Marcos and sly lawman Jack Beachum, to crack the cold case.

Facing a ruthless thug and a crafty mastermind, Quinn breaks a few rules, and a few bones, to uncover a grisly truth that surprises them all. Solo, his 110-pound German shepherd, emerges as the world’s greatest K-9 private eye, keeping Quinn safe while scaring the bejesus out of the bad guys.

CLOSURE is available in paperback or ebook on Amazon.

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About the Series (See All the Quinn Books)

Eli Quinn is a bit of a wise-ass, a former reporter plenty tough enough for his new job. He doesn’t pack a gun, but he knows how to handle bad guys when he needs to. It isn’t always pretty. For the bad guys, that is. Follow Quinn as he tries, always, to do the right thing, even when it’s not the easy or smart thing.

“Quinn’s second case reads as if it were written by a master reaching the height of his craft. With its witty banter, cast of colorful secondary characters, and promising detective agency, DRONE sidles into the genre with aplomb.” ★★★★★
Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Jam-packed with thrilling fight scenes, witty banter, and well-worn characters, FIRST KILL is an excellent addition to the private detective genre with a likeable hero and a lovable sidekick.”  ★★★★★

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