Drone: An Eli Quinn Mystery

★★★★★ “A noir detective story with a 21st century flair.” — IndieReader. 

Book #2 in the Eli Quinn detective mystery series.


“Britt’s writing moves briskly with prose that Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler might have applauded. Clipped, no-nonsense dialogue, fast-paced prose and tough-guy characters recall classics such as The Maltese Falcon or The Long Goodbye.”
— BlueInk Review. 

★★★★★ “Quinn’s second case reads as if it were written by a master reaching the height of his craft. With its witty banter, cast of colorful secondary characters, and promising detective agency, DRONE sidles into the genre with aplomb. … Characterizations are top notch, the plot is believably paced with ratcheting tension, and the prose is highly polished. … Quinn’s personality gives him an everyman feel that makes him easy to connect with. Unlike more intellectual literary detectives, Quinn is relatable and fun to root for.”
Foreword Clarion Reviews

“A brisk detective novel sequel that packs a punch.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“Immediately absorbing and thoroughly entertaining.”
— Bestsellersworld.com

“Author Robert Roy Britt’s writing is engaging and captivating – written both with a mature slant and just a little camp. Britt takes on a well-trod genre and introduces a distinct yet fitting addition to its hall of fame. Both brilliant and humble, hard-nosed and gentle, Eli Quinn’s mettle is thoroughly tested in curious and entertaining ways. It’s hard to make an original detective, but Britt is more than up to the challenge. He does a wonderful job of telling this twisting tale with excellent pace.”
— Self-Publishing Review

★★★★★ One of the “Best Self-Published Books of 2016” … “Fast-paced with a few thought-provoking twists, DRONE is reminiscent of a noir detective story with a 21st century flair.”
— IndieReader

The book jacket blurb for DRONE (Book #2 in the Eli Quinn detective mystery series):

Kicking bad guy butt comes with the job, as wise-ass detective Eli Quinn investigates a brazen assassination attempt on an Arizona politician.

Quinn takes the case when his friend, lawman Jack Beachum, suspects the sheriff isn’t investigating rigorously. Quinn gets help from reporter Samantha Marcos, a good friend who is quickly becoming more than that, and his dog Solo, the world’s greatest K-9 private eye.

Together, they uncover a threat far more sinister than the frightening and clever use of drone technology.

DRONE is available in paperback or ebook at Amazon.

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About the Series (See All the Quinn Books)

Eli Quinn is a bit of a wise-ass, a former reporter plenty tough enough for his new job. He doesn’t pack a gun, but he knows how to handle bad guys when he needs to. It isn’t always pretty. For the bad guys, that is. Follow Quinn as he tries, always, to do the right thing, even when it’s not the easy or smart thing.

“Jam-packed with thrilling fight scenes, witty banter, and well-worn characters, FIRST KILL is an excellent addition to the private detective genre with a likeable hero and a lovable sidekick.”  ★★★★★

“Short but pleasantly enthusiastic … Quinn’s narrative often sports the hardened cynicism of a seasoned veteran … Solo nearly steals the story; he can intimidate with a single bark and a follow-up growl.” — Kirkus Reviews (on CLOSURE)

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