First Kill cover

First Kill: An Eli Quinn Mystery

★★★★★ “Best Self-Published Books of 2016” — listed by IndieReader

Book #3 in the Eli Quinn detective mystery series.

First Kill cover

“Britt offers a sharp, hearty narrative… Another worthy outing for the quick-witted, ever evolving private eye.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“An exciting thriller … full of intrigue, sex, and even some humor.”

★★★★★ “Methodical, yet fast-paced thriller… FIRST KILL solidifies Quinn as a deeply developed hero with great potential for future installations.”
— Self-Publishing Review

★★★★★ “Jam-packed with thrilling fight scenes, witty banter, and well-worn characters, FIRST KILL is an excellent addition to the private detective genre with a likeable hero and a lovable sidekick.”

“A well-plotted story full of twists and turns with a cast of attention-grabbing characters and dialogue that throws sparks all over the place.”
— Silvia Villalobos, author of Stranger or Friend

The book jacket blurb for FIRST KILL (Book #3 in the Eli Quinn detective mystery series):

First one real estate agent disappears in the small town of Pleasant, Arizona. Then another. When a third goes missing, private investigator Eli Quinn finds himself in the middle of a scandal involving sex, money, and murder.

Quinn, a wise-ass former reporter with relentless investigative smarts and deadly martial arts skills, gets help from his trusty sidekick, Solo, the world’s greatest K-9 private eye, to sort out the sordid relationships of his suspects and hunt down the cold-blooded killer at the heart of the crime.

Can Quinn stop the homicidal maniac before he strikes again? To reach the terrifying conclusion of this deadly chase, he’ll need help from his budding love interest, reporter Samantha Marcos, and his best friend Jack Beachum, the sharpest lawman in town.

FIRST KILL is available in ebook or paperback at Amazon.

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About the Series (See All the Quinn Books)

Eli Quinn is a bit of a wise-ass, a former reporter plenty tough enough for his new job. He doesn’t pack a gun, but he knows how to handle bad guys when he needs to. It isn’t always pretty. For the bad guys, that is. Follow Quinn as he tries, always, to do the right thing, even when it’s not the easy or smart thing.

“Quinn’s second case reads as if it were written by a master reaching the height of his craft. With its witty banter, cast of colorful secondary characters, and promising detective agency, DRONE sidles into the genre with aplomb.” ★★★★★
Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Author Robert Roy Britt’s writing is engaging and captivating – written both with a mature slant and just a little camp.” — Self-Publishing Review (on Drone)

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