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Screaming at the Storm: And Other Very Short Stories

screaming at the storm coverFree! Writer’s block is a time to write something else. So while working on my Eli Quinn mystery series, I pen a short story now and then. Sometimes really short. They’re packed with pithy descriptions, terse dialogue and edgy little plots. Some of them have been published elsewhere (see below). And they’ve been collected into a teensy little ebook.

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Some of the stories have been published elsewhere:

Black Dress
Published by 101 Words:
Wet bullets pounded my skull. The giant oak slapped the roof, knocking loose sharp shingles to shatter on cobblestone. Jack out there, lost . . .
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The Obit
Published in Flash Fiction Magazine:
Losing his job as the obit editor at the newspaper didn’t surprise Arthur Belsnap. But Killing Eunice Bunch surprised the hell out of him. He’d never killed anyone before. All the blood, real blood, disgusted him. And he felt bad for Eunice, one of the few people in the world he rather liked. Now he was compelled to kill again, and he wasn’t looking forward to it at all.
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Original Spin
Published by 101 Words (shortlisted/finalist in monthly competition):
“You’re my universe,” Dominic said, appealing to Emma’s first passion. “But our relationship is spinning out of control.” She’d cheated on him again, away at a conference.
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Accepted for publication by Story Shack (March 3, 2017):
Lying on a blanket at the beach, only their hands touched. Anaya was eager for the night to play out. The sun and moon had just see-sawed horizons. The fat low moon flung nervous yellow bits of itself across an unusually still Pacific of dark velvet, lapping at the shore lake-like.