I’m an independent health and science journalist, former media company executive, and past editor-in-chief of LiveScience and Space.com. Here’s what I’m up to now…

Health & Wellness Writing
My weekly column on Medium, called Age Wise, explores how we age and how to make wise behavioral and lifestyle choices to promote mental and physical well-being and longevity. I write about general health topics, too. You can sign up to receive an email when I publish a story.

Health & Wellness Podcasts
Discussions on health topics I write about are available in the Knowable app or on my Knowable page.

  • The science of sleep health
  • Science-backed stress reduction
  • The good news about your coffee obsession
  • The power of a wandering mind


Here are some things I’ve done before…

Long ago, in this very galaxy, I appeared in nine episodes of The Universe for the History Channel, which means I have an IMDb page and am occasionally surprised by seeing myself on Netflix.

Pure Fiction
Kirkus Reviews calls my science-based thriller 5 Days to Landfall “A vigorous tale in which a violent, inescapable storm terrorizes everyone, even the villains. Perspectives from multiple characters are a worthy setup for an exhilarating final act, with a relentless hurricane and a frighteningly high body count.” I also wrote the Eli Quinn mysteries, a series of novellas.

A little more about me…
After more than 30 years in journalism and media, taking on many different roles, launching new web sites and managing teams small and large, I’m back doing what I love most: writing. I live in Arizona with my wife and two dogs, while our three grown children are scattered around the world. When not writing, I’m happiest when hiking, mountain biking or camping in remote mountain and desert locales with my wife, in search of solitude and the amazing restorative powers of being out there.

You can follow me on Twitter or Medium, or reach me at rob dot britt at gmail etc. etc.